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Blauvelt Genealogical Information

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Interested in the History of the Blauvelt Family?

The Association of Blauvelt Descendants is now online with a rapidly expanding web site. Their address is:

I have received many inquiries about Blauvelt history and genealogy. Please feel free to post your inquiry to my guestbook and also, please visit and join the Association of Blauvelt Descendants (A.B.D.), which publishes a bound genealogy and a quarterly newsletter. Please note that my connection with the limited to being a current member. Their web site has instructions on how to become a member.

The Blauvelt Coat of Arms

From the introduction in the Newsletter:
The Association of Blauvelt Descendants is a family association that was founded in 1926 to bring together the descendants of Gerrit Hendrickszen (Blauvelt). The objectives are to hold Annual Meetings, promote an interest in genealogy, history and ancestry of the early Dutch settlers in New Amsterdam, with particular emphasis on Gerrit Hendrickszen de blau boer, who arrived in this country from Deventer, Province of Overijssel in The Netherlands in 1638, and his descendants; to make results of studies available to the public; to encourage and instruct members in genealogical research; and to publish genealogical and historical information. Gerrit, son of Hendrick, arrived at "The Rocks" at Swede's Landing, DE in March 1638 aboard the Kalmar Nyckel. He then traveled up the Hudson River to Rensselaerwyck. On 7 May 1646 he married Marretje Lamberts Moll in the New Amsterdam (NYC) Dutch Church. He received a grant of farmland on Manhattan Island on what is now Broadway near Maiden Lane and became known as the Blau Boer (Blue Farmer), his farm, the Blau Veldt. On 22 October 1679, he married Josyntje Janse.

In due time, all the surviving children of Gerrit, with the exception of Elizabeth (child of the second marriage) became shareholders in the Tappan Patent, and resided there.

The Library of Congress lists the following Genealogy:
  • 84-70565: Moos, Dorothy. The Blauvelt family genealogy. Rev. ed / revised and updated by Dorothy A. Moos. East Orange?N.J.]: Association of Blauvelt Descendants, 1987- v. <1 > : ill. (somecol.) ; 29 cm.
    LC CALL NUMBER: CS71.B6476 1987 
Blauvelt Diary!Also, here is the Diary kept by Charles Blauvelt, my grandfather, on his 1923 trip to Japan, as transcribed by my brother, Whit Blauvelt.

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